Tónar av mannamunni: um tað siðbundna í samtíðini

Translated title of the contribution: Tones In Oral Tradition: Traditional Music In Contemporary Music Cultures

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The paper concerns the musical culture of the Faroe Islands where musical instruments were uncommon until the late 19th century. Previously Faroese music consisted of vocal and traditional forms. In the 20th century an increased proliferation of instruments occurs and this causes changes in the musical culture. In the same time period, a differing interest in older traditional music can be observed and over the decades various attempts are made to preserve this music. The paper sheds light on these circumstances and takes a closer look at which role the traditional music plays in contemporary music culture with emphasis on three periods: the first decades of the 20th century, the 1970’s, and the period around year 2000.
Translated title of the contributionTones In Oral Tradition: Traditional Music In Contemporary Music Cultures
Original languageFaroese
Title of host publicationFrændafundur 9
Subtitle of host publicationfyrirlestrar frá íslensk-færeyskri ráðstefnu í Reykjavík 26.–28. ágúst 2016
Place of PublicationReykjavík
PublisherHugvísindastofnun Háskóla Íslands
Number of pages12
ISBN (Print)978-9935-9073-9-4
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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ISSN (Print)0365-6772


  • Faroese music
  • Music culture
  • Tradition
  • Traditional music
  • Identity
  • Identity Formation
  • Vocal music
  • Instrumental
  • nation-building


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