Inclusion in the Faroese public school: Innovativ uddannelse i relation til inklusion, køn og multikultur

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The research theme is Inclusion in the Faroese Public School: From
political visions to transformation in tension between general pedagogy
and special pedagogy. 2 From an international and Nordic viewpoint, a
large amount of research has been done with regards to inclusion and
exclusion processes. Faroese research does not yet exist on the conveyance
of the inclusive principles into general practice in the schools. The project
will thus be focusing on exploring the relationship between the translation
of political visions and transformation across special pedagogy measures
and general pedagogy, seen in the light of different discourses and external
influence. In 2006 the United Nations pronounced the Convention on the
Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Given that the government of the
Faroe Islands has signed this convention, this project seeks information
concerning the efforts of transformation of these principles in the Faroese
Public School system. Given the fact that this project concerns the Faroese
school system, it also examines external influences on process, such as
Danish and Global trends. Due to the situatedness of the topic, which
currently is under transformation both in structural and organizational
terms and concerning strategies, the research is approached with
processual research questions in order to unfold the transformation
process in the research topic. The overall theoretical and methodological framework of this research is based on Situational Analysis (Grounded
Theory after the interpretive turn).
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2022
Event16 Nordic teacher Education Conference - Faculty of Education, Torshavn, Faroe Islands
Duration: 3 May 20225 May 2022


Conference16 Nordic teacher Education Conference
Country/TerritoryFaroe Islands


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