Imaginations of a new belonging and a new becoming

Turið Hermannsdóttir

Research output: Working paper


With this paper I analyse emergent reproductive narratives as tested, through imagination, in, induced and made possible in a time of turbulence in the political arena. The narratives are based in the Faroe Islands with one of the most restrictive abortion legislations in a European context. However political changes have ‘caused’ public debates on abortion as well as an alternative ideological discourse on abortion, that has not before been witnessed in the Faroes. It is through the developed framework of an anthropology of morality and feminist embodiment studies that I analyse the emergent narratives of a new belonging and becoming. In the paper I outline the turbulence in the political arena, and how this is entangled in women’s lived experiences of abortion or reproductive matters. I illustrate that the new and alternative abortion discourses, especially induced by Frítt Val, have a transformative effect on women’s belonging in the Faroe Islands. I ask what are women’s positionings in this restrictive abortion landscape? With the developed framework I can grasp women’s imaginations and hopes for future belonging and meaning making experience. And argue how these imaginations also are agentic transformations.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusIn preparation - 2022


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