Analytiskt mið- og hástig í føroyskum

Translated title of the contribution: Analytic comparative and superlative in Faroese

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Faroese is presently changing from a synthetic
to an analytic language. A part of this change
is that a synthetic comparative and superlative
are changing to an analytical comparative
and superlative like more sick and most sick.
I will look into where this happens and has
happened, and why, that is, if it has come
about as the result of drift (that is, an inner
change), language contact (external change) or if there are some extra­linguistic reason for the
Translated title of the contributionAnalytic comparative and superlative in Faroese
Original languageFaroese
Pages (from-to)5-17
Number of pages13
JournalFróðskaparrit - Faroese Scientific Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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