Þungir þankar: Ritgerðir um heimspeki

Translated title of the contribution: Weighty Thoughts: Philosophical Essays

Mikael Marlies Karlsson, Elmar Geir Unnsteinsson (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportBook


This book contains a selection of articles by Mikael M Karlsson and includes, in addition to an editor's preface in Icelandic and in English and the author's afterthoughts (2023) also in Icelandic and in English, a list of the sources of the articles and an interview of the author, in Icelandic, taken in 2012, twelve articles, four in Icelandic and eight in English:
"Þungir þankar: Um aflfræði Aristótelesar" (Weighty Thoughts: On Aristotle's Mechanics), pp. 47-68; previously published in Hugur 1 (1988), pp. 5-30 - peer reviewed.
"Efi, skynsemi og karteskísk endurhæfing" (Doubt, Reason and Cartesian Therapy), pp. 71-99; Icelandic translation by Gunnar Harðarson of a chaper in the collection Descartes: Critial and Interpretive Essays, ed. Michael Hooker (Baltimore & London, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1978) pp. 89-113 - peer reviewed
"Smáræða" (Smalltalk), pp. 102-105: previously published in Skírnir 166 (1992), pp. 418-423 - peer reviewed
"Nattúan sem skepna" (Nature as Creature), pp. 107-115; previously published as a chapter in the collection Náttúrusýn (Views
of Nature), eds. Róbert Haraldsson & Þorvarður Árnason (Reykjavík, Siðfræðistofnun, 1994), pp. 91-101 - peer reviewed
"Do We Think With Our Brains?", pp. 119-150; previously published in the Journal of the Association for Cognitive Research
under the auspices of CNRS, le Centre Nationale d Livre, and la Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord, Intellectica 1-2
(2010), pp. 67-94 - peer reviewed
"Defeating the Inference from General to Particular Norms", pp. 151-168; previously published in Ratio Juris 8 (1995), pp. 271-
281 - peer reviewed
"Agency and Patiency: Back to Nature?", pp. 169-197; previously published in Philosophical Explorations 5 (2002), pp. 59-91 -
peer reviewed
"Action, Causation and Description", pp. 199-214; previously published as a chapter in the collection A Explicação da Interpretação Humana (The Explanation of Human Interpretation), ed. João Sàágua (Lisboa, Edicões Colibri, 2001), pp. 313-
325 - peer reviewed
"Reason, Passion and the Influencing Motives of the Will", pp. 215-242; §§ I-VI previously published in the Blackwell's Guide to
Hume's Treatise (Oxford, Blackwell's, 2006), pp. 235-255 - peer reviewed. §§ VII-VIII also peer reviewed, but omitted from the
Blackwell's Guide due to lack of space; printed here (pp. 237-242) for the first time.
"Roots of Legal Normativity", pp. 243-261; previously published in Analisi e diritto: richerche di giurisprudenza analitica 2000,
eds. Paolo Comanducci and Ricardo Guastini (Torino, Giappichelli Editore, 2000), pp. 97-112 - peer reviewed
"Aristotle's Woollen Axe: Some Thoughts About the Embodiment of Life and Mind" (1998), pp. 263-282, to which has been
added an entirely new appendix (2023), "Dynamis, Energeia, & Entelechaia", pp. 282-331, both published here for the first
time as a single chapter
"Could Rabbits Dance?", pp. 331-351. Previously published in French translation (tr. Juila Beauquel) as "Les lapins pourraient-ils
danser?" as a chapter in the collection Philosophie de la danse, eds. Julia Beauquel & Roger Pouivet (Rennes, Presses Université de Rennes 2010), pp. 44-63 - peer reviewed. Appears here for the first time in the English original.
Translated title of the contributionWeighty Thoughts: Philosophical Essays
Original languageIcelandic
PublisherHið íslenska bókmenntafélag
Number of pages351
ISBN (Print)978-9935-23-260-1
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • philosophy
  • law


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