POLYGOV: Crisis Management in a Polycentric Nordic Local Democracy

  • Haug, Are Vegard (PI)
  • Wihlborg, Elin (CoI)
  • Holm, Dennis (CoI)
  • Houlberg, Kurt (CoI)
  • Godenhjelm, Sebastian (CoI)
  • Eyþórsson, Grétar Þór (CoI)
  • Ackrén, Maria (CoI)
  • Justinussen, Jens Christian Svabo (CoI)
  • Sefton, Therese (CoI)
  • Øgård, Morten (CoI)
  • Nordensvärd, Johan (CoI)
  • í Jákupsstovu, Beinta (CoI)
  • Heggebø, Kristian (CoI)
  • Baldersheim, Harald (CoI)
  • Pedersen, Axel West (CoI)
  • Duy, Iris Nguyen (CoI)
  • Skokstad, Sigrid (CoI)
  • Hye, Linda (CoI)

Project Details


The POLYGOV project is a comparative study of the crisis management, organisation and functioning of local democracies in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark against the backdrop of the divergent handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The overall goal is to identify the differences in the Nordic countries’ handling of the pandemic and the outcomes thereof and to relate these differences to public policy, governance, organisation and management.

Key findings

Understand crises
Contribute to an advanced theoretical and empirical understanding of the concepts of coordination and public management through interdisciplinary research collaboration in a unique context.

Influence policy
Provide new policy-relevant knowledge about crisis coordination and management through comparative multilevel analyses of Nordic experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Practical knowledge
Produce innovative and practically applicable knowledge that is relevant to the renewal of the Nordic public administrations and local democracies.

Social impact
The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching social and health consequences for the population. The project will provide important input for the renewal of emergency preparedness work and future crisis.
Short titlePolygov
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/08/24


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