Coronary Arteriosclerosis in farmed salmonids - A PhD project

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Coronary arteriosclerosis is becoming increasingly common and severe in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar). This condition may reduce blood flow to the heart muscle and consequently make the heart less robust and able to handle stress. It is therefore speculated to be a major underlying cause of the substantial increase in mortality observed in recent years in connection with stressful interventions late in the production cycle, such as delousing. The high mortality during late-stages of production is a challenge experienced globally, which results in high economic losses and causes sustainable and welfare concerns. This project aims to investigate the development and progression of arteriosclerosis, which is still largely lacking, and the potential impact it has on coronary function and consequently the robustness of farmed Atlantic salmon.

Funded by:
Firum, Granskingarráðið, and Danish Innovation Fund.
Effective start/end date1/12/221/12/26


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