0241 The Concept of The Faroese In Music Education - Negotiating Identity and Notions of Tradition

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Knút Háberg Eysturstein's PhD project begun at Faculty of Education, University of the Faroe Islands in February 2023. The project's main objective is to examine how notions of tradition are negotiated in curriculums in a music educational context. In order to do this the project must both discuss the concept of the Faroese as it pertains to music, i.e. the role of notions of tradition and identity, and uncover how music education is practiced in the Faroes educational system.
Therefore, this project will be done as a two-part study. First, a theoretical part will construct the conceptual map of the project including key terms, concepts and theory which will be further outlined in a literature review. Second, an interview part where the project leader will conduct qualitative in-depth interviews both individually and in focus groups with teachers and musicians selected across age and gender groups on the issues of negotiation between traditional music and contemporary approaches to music education and practice. The interviewees’ answers will then be subjected to theoretical analysis, interpretation and reflection based on the conceptual map put forth in the first part of the project. These questions and matters will furthermore be discussed, analysed and put to the test through lectures, seminars and workshops at the University of the Faroe Islands and at relevant institutions abroad.
Short titleThe Concept of The Faroese in Music Education
AcronymTradition and Music Education
Effective start/end date1/02/231/02/26


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