How rats invaded the Faroes (3 times)



Participated in the HeredityPod, episode How rats invaded the Faroes (3 times) with Dr Emily Puckett.

Period14 Aug 2021

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Media contributions

  • TitleHow rats invaded the Faroes (3 times)
    Media typeOther
    Duration/Length/Size14 min
    Country/TerritoryFaroe Islands
    DescriptionThe Faroe Islands are a North Atlantic archipelago, famed for being a Viking stronghold. However, for the past few centuries the islands have themselves been besieged by one of the world's greatest invaders: the brown rat. In this episode, Dr Emily Puckett (University of Memphis) and Dr Eyðfinn Magnussen (University of the Faroe Islands) discuss their recent paper looking at the current and historical population genetics of the brown rat. It's a story that takes us from 18th century shipwrecks right into the modern genomic era.
    PersonsEyðfinn Magnussen