University of Granada

Activity: Visiting an external institutionVisiting an external academic institution


I visited Gloria Titos and the research group, Atmospheric Physics Group (GFAT) of the University of Granada. I visited the Andalusian Global Observatory of the Atmosphere (AGORA,, and was introduced to the instrumentation and experimental observations. It consists of two experimental stations representing different atmospheric conditions (urban and high-mountain remote areas). The observatory is managed by GFAT. AGORA is an infrastructure developed for the multiinstrumental study of atmospheric processes, with special focus on (i) atmospheric aerosol and its role in climate and air quality, (ii) aerosol-cloud interaction processes and (iii) trace gases in the lower layers of the atmosphere. Focusing on aerosol-cloud interactions, AGORA represents a suitable infrastructure involving remote sensing and in-situ instrumentation and provides experimental observations at different altitudes from urban conditions, where aerosol particles are freshly emitted, to highaltitude remote sites, where aerosol can activate as cloud droplets.
Period31 Oct 2023
VisitingUniversity of Granada